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Give the gift of experience! Send your friends and family on a beautiful glass bottom boat tour to Flowerpot Island!



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Our Fleet

Tobermory Evolution

First, let us introduce our newest and largest glass-bottom boat, The Tobermory Evolution! This custom-built vessel was delivered to us in July 2016. We had it built to provide the most impressive tour of Fathom Five Marine Park while ensuring the highest standards of passenger comfort. The Tobermory Evolution features two large glass bottoms, a large upper viewing deck and an enclosed glass canopy bottom deck. The UV-resistant glass canopy provides protection from the sun's rays on those hot summer days and from the wind, cold, and water-spray on cooler days, making it the most versatile tour experience in Tobermory.

Tobermory Explorer

Explore Fathom Five National Marine Park onboard the Tobermory Explorer! Originally designed as a whale-watching vessel, the Explorer was built to provide an immersive 360-degree viewing experience. This 75-passenger vessel offers a relaxing trip to Flowerpot Island with plenty of legroom. The Explorer has a fully heated cabin and a washroom onboard setting, the stage for a comfortable and enjoyable cruise. It also boasts a UV-resistant canopy to keep passengers out of the sun and not-so-nice weather.

Tobermory Crusader

The Tobermory Crusader is our fastest glass-bottom cruiser. Equipped with two high-powered outboard motors, a sleek monohull design, and an open-air seating area.

Tobermory Frontier

This 50-passenger vessel combines the riding experience of the Crusader with the canopy protection of the Evolution and Explorer. A cross of adventure and comfort, the Frontier offers something for everyone in your group. With large glass bottom panels running down the center of the vessel, you can get a great view of the shipwrecks from any seat on board. The Frontier is currently running stay-aboard-only tours during the peak season.