What are your glass bottoms like?

All of Bruce Anchor Cruises vessels boast beautiful glass bottoms. The glass bottoms of our vessels are viewing windows built into the hull of our boats.  Only a percentage (20%) of our floors are glass.  Due to the nature of the waters that we sail in, our vessels are built to a Near-Coastal Class II Specification.  Therefore, extensive reinforcement must be provided throughout the vessel to accommodate the glass panels.  Because of this, our glass bottom panels are as large as allowed by Transport Canada.

What is a Drop Off Tour?

A drop off tour consists of a shipwreck viewing and docking access to disembark on Flowerpot Island to explore the island on foot.  We recommend 2-3 hours on the island.

What is a Stay Aboard Tour?

This type of tour takes you on a sightseeing adventure, from the water, through Fathom Five National Marine Park.  You will see shipwrecks and islands in the park, including Flowerpot Island.  There is no option for disembarking on the island.

Are your docks and boats wheelchair accessible?

Bruce Anchor Cruises docking facilities are not wheelchair accessible.  Please be aware that there are essentially three flights of stairs between our parking area and docking facilities.

Can we take our stroller on the boats?

It is especially relevant that passengers who bring strollers be reminded that they must be compact (umbrella stroller) or the stroller will have to remain at the ticket booth.  The stroller must fit between the feet/knees of the accompanying adult.  As an alternative, it will probably more comfortable to wear a baby carrier/backpack as this would be more conducive to the terrain on Flowerpot Island.

Can we take our dog with us?

Bruce Anchor Cruises accepts pets!
We ask that the dog is friendly, good with people, good with other dogs, not anxious on boats, and non-muzzled. We want all our guests to feel comfortable and safe, and as such our captains have the right to refuse any dog if he thinks this will be compromised. We might also ask you to sit in an open portion of the boat so that anyone with allergies won't have any issues.
We are camping on the island. How do we get there?

Parks Canada allows campers to check-in to their sites after 2:00pm.  Therefore, during peak season, campers will be required to select a cruise departure time, from Tobermory, after 4:00pm.  Upon their return to Tobermory, they will be required to select a departure, from Flowerpot Island, before 12:00pm.
Campers will be charged regular drop off rates to be transported to Flowerpot Island.  They will not receive a shipwreck tour.

Where do we park?

All Bruce Anchor Cruises guests will receive free parking during their cruise.  We have a long term parking area close by.  In addition, shuttle buses operate daily to assist guests with getting to the Bruce Anchor dock for boarding.

How long should we stay on the island?

It is recommended that guests stay 2-3 hours on the island, where you can swim, hike, picnic, camp, and explore.  There are 4 km of hiking trails leading from Beachy Cove to the Flowerpots, a Cave, the Lightstation, a Museum, and Castle Bluff.  Please check https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/amnc-nmca/on/fathomfive/activ/flowerpot for details and contruction notices, as some attractions may not be available.

Can we buy food on the island?

There are no restaurants or other retail outlets on the island.


Are there washrooms on the island?

Composting toilets are available for visitors to use on the island.