Hiking with a Baby

Hiking with baby….

You have a baby! And maybe another tiny human or two! Please accept our best travel wishes to you and your family. We know that traveling with a young family can be very challenging.  Let us help you plan your adventure!  Oh, one thing before we get started, even though kids under 3 sail with us for free, we still need you to tell us about them when you purchase your tickets. Our boats operate with a capacity limit so we need to account for each person onboard.

Cruising with kids under 3 years old can present many distractions, but it can also make things more fun.  Our vessels are REALLY cool! So are our Captains and crew – make sure to say “hi” during your cruise! Your kids will love this cruise. The boats are big and bright.  They boast a near 360 degree view of the landscape around you and provide a unique way of looking under the water – right through the floor of the boat! Your kids will love standing on these glass floor sections too.

So, our vessels do not have a lot of storage space and many people may be on the boat with you. We recommend wearing your little one in a backpack carrier rather than bringing a stroller. If you have the necessary ‘kid gear’ to bring too, a backpack would be the best option.  As a parent, you need to be comfortable too right? If you really need to bring a stroller, that’s okay! Here’s the catch – it must be an umbrella style stroller that will fit securely between your knees and feet while onboard the vessel. Any strollers larger than that will be stored at the ticket office until you return from the island.

We all know that kids can get a little upset when they are hungry.  We suggest that you pack drinks and snacks in your backpack. There are no restaurants on the island. If you think you might like something while you’re out there, you will need to pack it.   Also, you will have to pack anything leftover back home with you.

Flowerpot Island is a really neat place to explore and we know your little ones will love it too. Please do keep in mind when planning your day that there are several flights of stairs on the island, rugged and rocky terrain.

In summary, we want you and your little people to have the best experience possible – this time and every time you venture out to Flowerpot Island. If you have any questions please call us, send us an email or send us a live chat message through our website!

Happy adventures!

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